Art Makes Memories…Memories Make Art

Art is borne out of the desire to express. And an expression many a times is a recreation of events in our consciousness. Nume

The Year Ahead – Through Rose Colored Glasses

The Year Ahead – Through Rose Colored GlassesAs the year comes to end it seems to me that the year 2018 turned out to be

Does Art Have Boundaries?

Does art have boundaries? Well, I feel that art is actually a tool for being in a state of liberation. It is fluid and seeps i

The Art of Consent

Art is often used to manufacture opinions and there are plenty of examples to drive this point home. There are multiple artwor

The Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights Diwali is around the corner and we are eager to invoke Goddess Laxmi in our lives. For the uninitiated

Affairs of the HeART

Art is a matter of perception. In a world where defined borders and languages facilitate identities and conversations, art is

Eat, Pray and Perceive

Art is a language that shapes perception and thought processes and hence its creator is also observed as closely as his artwor

From Inception to Completion – The Reception Table

Cardboard has consistently inspired me to create artworks which have been cherished by my benevolent clients. And one such a

Back to the Future

It is important to have a direction and focus, more so if your endeavors are creative in nature. Why so? You might ask, isn’

Gajodhar on a Splendid Walk

My rural roots gave me easy access to nature. The palatial haveli I resided in was frequented by cows and birds. So since chi